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October 16, 2009

From time to time I get the question: How do I make a native build of Icedtea6 using Shark and LLVM on ARM?
Here is how I do it:

First all dependencies needed to build llvm and openjdk needs to be installed, if you are using Ubuntu then this can be satisfied quite easily by typing in these two lines.

apt-get build-dep openjdk-6-jdk llvm
apt-get install cmake mercurial subversion-tools openjdk-6-jdk ccache

The next little script does all the magic, it download the sources using subversion and mercurial, configures and starts the building!

svn co llvm
mkdir llvm-cmake
cd llvm-cmake
cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE:STRING=ReleaseWithDebInfo \
make install
cd ..
hg clone
cd icedtea6
cd ..
mkdir icedtea6-shark-build
cd icedtea6-shark-build
../icedtea6/configure --enable-zero --enable-shark --disable-docs --disable-bootstrap


#Shark can also be built using a LLVM shared library:
#here i will configure LLVM using configure instead of cmake.

tar zxvf llvm-2.9.tgz
mkdir llvm-2.9-build
cd llvm-2.9-build
../llvm-2.9/configure --enable-targets=arm,powerpc,x86 --enable-shared --enable-assertions -enable-optimized --enable-docs=no --enable-debug-symbols=yes
sudo make install
sudo ldconfig
cd ..
tar zxvf icedtea6-1.10.1.tar.gz
cd icedtea6-1.10.1
wget -O icedtea6-1.10-shark-llvm-2.9.patch
patch -p1 < icedtea6-1.10-shark-llvm-2.9.patch
cd ..
mkdir icedtea6-1.10.1-shark
cd icedtea6-1.10.1-shark
../icedtea6-1.10.1/configure --enable-zero --enable-shark --disable-docs --disable-bootstrap


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