zafena development

May 10, 2009

I have just pushed an update to the Jalimo project that enables the new OpenJDK 6 b16 sourcebundle to be cross-compile-able for embedded devices using Jalimo as a cross-compile layer for Icedtea6.

Using Jalimo you can now cross-compile OpenJDK b16 and have hotspot + zero, hotspot + shark or cacao as the vm built out of the box, simply awesome!

Since shark are using the pre2.6 LLVM sources for its JIT I have also prepared ".bb" build recipes for Openembedded that enables quick cross compilation of LLVM based on the LLVM svn trunk so that Jalimo can make use of them when building shark.

The shark vm are built with assertions enabled in order to produce better debug output for all Jalimo users.

Robert Schuster have been an excellent tutor for me to understand all the quirks of OE-recipes, quirks that in turn helped me to creating all these new nice cross compile recipes for OE and Jalimo. Thank you Robert and thank you for pushing the LLVM recipes into the main OE dev git tree!

Andrew Haley and Gary Benson have helped me enormously to understand the lock-free code using memory-barriers that are part of the zero and shark hotspot implementations. I will keep working on these parts in order to make zero and shark rock solid on ARM before ARM Cortex A9 multi-core CPU's will be part of every cool and silent computing loving persons pocket.

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