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September 24, 2009

4 running ARM developement boards are hidden in this picture, can you find them?

The ARM developement gear that I have access to have been rapidly upgraded during the past months and I do no longer experience any memory or storage bottlenecks. The boards in the picture are running native compiles, running checks and debugging sessions 24/7 to help mankind to deliver the next generation OpenJDK ARM builds using Zero and Shark and makes sure the software that will power our future to be as stable and fast as possible. I belive these small cool and silent boards will help us save the environment as well since this new energy efficient technology enables the transition to a information society where the whole IT infrastructure can become self supplying from simple solar power panels! Thanks to free-software like Linux and GNU , that are running on these small power efficient computers, that makes the new power efficient green computing future possible!

September 18, 2009

Dear Jalimo users!

I have pushed a quite massive patch into the Jalimo sourcetree to make all OpenJDK 6b16 recipe's in sync with and able to cross-compile the latest Icedtea6-1.6.1 release!

So... What’s New?
- Security fixes for:
CVE-2009-2670 – OpenJDK Untrusted applet System properties access
CVE-2009-2671 CVE-2009-2672 – OpenJDK Proxy mechanism information leaks
CVE-2009-2673 – OpenJDK proxy mechanism allows non-authorized socket connections
CVE-2009-2674 – Java Web Start Buffer JPEG processing integer overflow
CVE-2009-2675 – Java Web Start Buffer unpack200 processing integer overflow
CVE-2009-2625 – OpenJDK XML parsing Denial-Of-Service
CVE-2009-2475 – OpenJDK information leaks in mutable variables
CVE-2009-2476 – OpenJDK OpenType checks can be bypassed
CVE-2009-2689 – OpenJDK JDK13Services grants unnecessary privileges
CVE-2009-2690 – OpenJDK private variable information disclosure
- FAST interpreter for ARM, now with gcc 4.1.2 support!
- Timezone fix:
- Stackoverflow error fix:

- Backport regression (NPE) fix for AccessControlContext fix
- Bump to hs14b16

The following people helped with this release:
Gary Benson, Deepak Bhole, Andrew Haley, Andrew John Hughes, Mark
Wielaard, Lillian Angel, Matthias Klose, Ed Nevill, and many others.

We would also like to thank the bug reporters and testers!

Cheers and have a great day!

September 15, 2009

The Haiku team finally made it, they have released their first spin of the free software implementation of "BeOS"!
The R1/alpha 1 release and source can be fetched from:
Dig around and you will even find a long anticipated status update on their ARM port where they now can display a booting kernel and framebuffer!

September 13, 2009

During the past month i have been running a public llvm-arm-linux buildbot in order to iron out the remaining bugs in the LLVM Execution Engine JIT for ARM.
My goal was to stabilise the LLVM JIT so that it can be used to speed up cool projects like OpenJDK on ARM by fixing all pre-requirements to run Gary Benson's Shark JIT compiler on top of Zero!

I have been following the LLVM project for about a year and for me to see the following reports from the buildbot makes me jump of joy! It marks a new era, when all cool and silent energy efficient computing on ARM can get JIT accelerated!

  • (Sep 12 21:57) rev=[81669] success #153: build successful
  • (Sep 12 19:17) rev=[81660] success #152: build successful
  • (Sep 12 16:31) rev=[81655] failure #151: failed test-llvm
  • (Sep 12 13:03) rev=[81626] failure #148: failed test-llvm

The next LLVM release 2.6 gets out in about a week (21 of september 2009) and feel I have done my part in the LLVM stabilisation process for ARM, It are now up for the LLVM 2.6 release managers to merge in the patches from the 2.7 svn trunk to the release branch in order to make the LLVM 2.6 release stable on ARM as well.

Life is cool!

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