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January 11, 2012

The brand new Tizen SDK got released

Tizen are a new mobile platform with the aim to thrive in a new ecosystem made up of HTML5 and js based applications.

The Tizen SDK includes the Eclipse IDE and an emulator themed after Samsungs new atom-phone reference design. The emulator come pre-installed with a functional Tizen phone system and some sample applications.

Booting up Tizen

The emulator can get started from the Tizen Emulator Manager. I can then connecting to it by running

sdb shell

Under the hood we can find a small Debian GNU/Linux root filsystem, an Xorg server, pulseaudio and many other nice system services just like on regular Linux desktop. This are good because it will enable us to quickly add some new software stacks to Tizen!

OpenJDK on Tizen

After a quick sdb push i had uploaded a pre-built OpenJDK-6 image running the LLVM 3.0 based Shark VM into Tizen and behold: oneslime on Tizen :)

Thank you Linux foundation for pushing GNU/Linux into mobile phones!


Summary: OpenJDK work fine on Tizen and the Tizen SDK work fine using OpenJDK!

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