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February 14, 2013

OpenGL ES 2 drivers

Excellent post by cnx-software listing all the reverse engineering effort put into bringing opensource ARM GPU drivers to GNU/Linux.
The post links and embeds libv’s excellent FOSDEM 2013 reverse engineering ARM GPU driver talk.
The lima and freedreno reverse engineered drivers are both now known to be able to run Quake 3. The lima driver is now actually faster than the closed source ARM Mali driver! ARM!
We are not going away, we are here to stay. We cannot be silenced or stopped anymore, and we are becoming harder and harder to ignore.

It is only a matter of time before we produce an open source graphics driver stack which rivals your binary in performance. And that time is measured in weeks and months now. The requests from your own customers, for support for this open source stack, will only grow louder and louder.

So please, stop fighting us. Embrace us. Work with us. Your customers and shareholders will love you for it.

— libv.

OpenGL ES 3 drivers

Intel have taking the lead and released all their OpenGL ES 3 driver code into Mesa – this is how you should work, kudos to Intel.

OpenCL ARM GPU drivers

Android have for a long time refused vendors to ship ARM OpenCL drivers on Google approved Android devices. – Android lead Declined Support for OpenCL
Over night everything changed:
Google ships secret #ARM #MALI T-604 #OpenCL driver in Nexus 10 to accelerate Renderscript.
The OpenCL SDK for ARM Mali is now available! #opencl #gpu @ARMMultimedia
OpenCL drivers for Samsung Exynos 5 board landed here:
Also the Zii labs ZMS line supports CL
Amazon android line is rumored to support CL as well…

So with all these new news surfacing it looks like ARM devices running the new T-604 MALI GPU will have OpenCL drivers especially the Google Nexus 10 tablet that is reported to include the drivers in the stock install!
So this means we now have a good way to hardware accelerate FFT on ARM using OpenCL!
I want to use #OpenCL on #ARM to do fast live music #FFT analysis for better jazz music on the go

JogAmp update

JogAmp have implemented OpenCL bindings on GNU/LInux and packaged .apk for Android feel free to jump in and help with testing on real devices!
The current priority list for JogAmp OpenCL and OpenGL ES 3 integration is found inside the forum:

Cheers and have a great twitter valentine tweet day!
v3 is the new <3

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  1. Emmanuel Deloget have conducted a fantastic interview with all the listed developers behind the recent wave of SoC GPU reverse engineering:

    Connor Abbot (CA) – Open GPU Tools (Connor works on lima support here)
    Eric Faye-Lund (EF) – grate (for Tegra GPUs)
    Herman H. Hermitage (HH) – Videocore (for Broadcom GPUs)
    Luc Verhaegen (LV) – lima (for MALI GPUs)utter
    Matthias Gottschlag (MG) – Videocore (for Broadcom GPUs)
    Rob Clark (RC) – freedreno (for Adreno GPUs)
    Thierry Reding (TR) – grate (for Tegra GPUs)
    Scott Mansell (SM) – Videocore (for Broadcom GPUs)
    Wladimir J. van der Laan (WL) – etna_viv (for Vivante GPUs)

    Comment by Xerxes Rånby — May 1, 2013 @ 23:06

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