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August 4, 2013

JogAmp JOGL, JOCL & JOAL provide cross platform Java™ language bindings to the OpenGL®, OpenCL™, OpenAL and OpenMAX APIs. JogAmp is a convenient enabler to give Desktop and Mobile applications access to hardware DSP & GPU units using a modular cross platform API.

Release announcement for JogAmp 2.0.2

This JogAmp JOGL version 2.0.2 release marks the end of the first major JogAmp release cycle that started with the v2.0-rc1 around two and a half years ago, “End of RCs ..“. JogAmp JOGL is a modern successor to the no longer maintained JOGL 1.1.1a. The 2.0.2 release added support for OpenGL versions up to 4.3, and OpenGL ES versions 1, 2, and 3.

Get in touch if you want to setup your own local JogAmp JOGL, JOAL and GlueGen source-code 10 year anniversary party. The JogAmp team is ready and here to save you!

The JogAmp team hosted one, awesome, party at the JogAmp BOF @ Siggraph 2013!

This years SIGGRAPH JogAmp BOF was dedicated to all the many amazing projects using JogAmp. We did try our best to demo as many projects as possible that we where able to fit into our session. One dude (MIT researcher) put it well, it was like “drinking from a fire-hose”; enjoy the demo flood!
Kudos to Qun who recorded the show! Here is a convenient time line to the many sections and topics covered during the talk:

00:02:00 Welcome to the JogAmp BOF
JogAmp Fast Media & Processing Across devices – Desktop & Mobile SIGGRAPH 2013 – Anaheim July 24, 2013
Presented by: Alan Sambol, Harvey Harrison, Rami Santina, Sven Gothel, Wade Walker, Xerxes Ranby, Dominik Ströhlein, Erik Brayet, Jens Hohmuth, Julien Gouesse, Mark Raynsford & Qun
00:02:46 10 Years
2003-06-06 to 2013-07-17


00:04:15 GLG2D
GLG2D OpenGL accelerated Graphics2D
GLG2D is a Graphics2D implementation that uses OpenGL to implement basic Java2D drawing functionality.”
00:05:07 Java3D
“I’m not Dead!” Java3D is back! Demo of: Vzome, SweetHome3d &
00:10:40 Jake2
Port of id Software’s Quake II to Java by bytonic software.
JOGL enables Jake2 to run on mobile ES2 and desktop GL2. Demo: NApplet


00:12:51 libGDX

Desktop/Android/iOS/HTML5 Java game development framework” The JogAmp JOGL libgdx backend add support to libGDX for, Raspberry Pi, desktop and mobile using one single libgdx backend. The JOGL backend, a team effort of the JogAmp community
00:16:46 jMonkeyEngine
Modern Java 3D” Currently Julien Gouesse develops a JOGL backend for jME3 with support of the jME team
00:17:40 Catequesis

Catequesis is a survival horror game based on 90’s RPGs gameplay, with a really strong and immersive story & a 8 bit graphic style. This game will be released for Android, PC, Mac & Linux.” Monsieur Max is documenting the technology behind the Catequesis game at his tech inside blog.
00:18:55 Ticket to Ride

DoW’s classic game designed by: Alan R. Moon now available on google play and steam; during the BOF we also showcased the game running on GNU/Linux.

– UI –

00:20:54 nifty-gui
Demonstration of Nifty Gui running unmodified on both desktop OpenGL and mobile OpenGL ES using the new JOGL GL2ES2 port
00:25:29 Graph API
Graph is a JogAmp JOGL implementation of Rami Santinas GPU based Resolution Independent Curve Rendering
00:26:58 MyHMI

MyHMI is a Java based object oriented software framework for industrial graphical user interfaces development.

– Art / Science –

00:34:49 Kohlenstoffeinheiten
The winning 4k demo from Revision 2013 made by Akronyme Analogiker / DemoscenePassivist
00:36:39 jSpatial
The jspatial package implements a set of spatial data structures.
00:37:50 GeoGebra
Dynamic mathematics & science for learning and teaching
00:41:03 jReality
jReality: a Java library for real-time interactive 3D graphics and audio
jReality is a Java based, open-source, full-featured 3D scene graph package designed for 3D visualization and specialized in mathematical visualization.”
00:42:23 BioJava
The goal of the BioJava project is to facilitate rapid application development for bioinformatics.
00:43:28 WorldWind
NASA World Wind SDK for Java. With this, developers can embed World Wind technology in their own applications.
00:44:51 Processing
Processing 2.0 PShader tutorial:
00:47:32 JaamSim includes a Collada loader
00:51:05 C3D
C3D Studio – Visual 5D Framework
C3D Studio is a 3D based visual framework for developing visual project control solutions for construction projects.” Slides:

– JogAmp –

00:57:09 JOCL

00:58:48 JOAL

01:01:27 GLMediaPlayer

01:03:50 JOGL / GLProfiles

01:05:18 JOGL / NEWT

01:08:55 JogAmp Platform Agnostic

01:09:55 JogAmp Deployment / Maven

– Finale –

01:10:48 Thank You / Q & A

01:19:46 End Sequence

Slides from the BOF is available at the site:

Thank you all for taking part into the realisation and use of JogAmp, the platform independent API, for GPU and DSP access across devices!

Cheers and have a great day!

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